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Savannah Ultimate Disc Society


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Memorial Hat 2002, Forsyth and Tybee


Thanks to Heidi for all of your work getting the tourney together. And a really HUGE THANKS for all the folks that participated and exhibited such great spirit of the game throughout the weekend! The pink and red teams battled it out during finals on the beach at Tybee Island in one hot game. Congrats to the pink team for their win!  

(c) 2002, P. Neugebauer
There's my little brother Willie flying high!

(c) 2002, P. Neugebauer
Runnin' down the disc!

(c) 2002, P. Neugebauer
sometimes it sees as it were a dream

(c) 2002, P. Neugebauer
Melissa moving in for the D

(c) 2002, P. Neugebauer